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Mandy Joiner

Originally From: Cheyenne Wells, Colorado
Medical School: Samuel Merritt University

Mandy Joiner is a seasoned Family Nurse Practitioner with a deep-rooted connection to Cheyenne Wells, where she is returning to provide her expertise to the Prairie View Clinic and the Kit Carson Clinic. A highly skilled clinician with a holistic approach to healthcare, Mandy has dedicated her career to serving patients across all life stages, from newborns to seniors.

After securing her Associate Degree in Nursing from Lamar Community College in 2012, Mandy's passion for knowledge and commitment to excellence propelled her to further her education. She attained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Grand Canyon University in 2015 and advanced her expertise by earning a Master of Science in Nursing with a specialization as a Family Nurse Practitioner from Samuel Merritt University in 2017.

Mandy's clinical journey is distinguished by her autonomous stewardship of the Holly, Colorado clinic, where she catered to the healthcare needs of the community. Prior to her return to Cheyenne Wells, Mandy honed her skills in Denver, working in a fast-paced clinic environment and in Urgent Care facilities for Kaiser Permanente. Her extensive experience in diverse medical settings has equipped her with the acumen to manage healthcare needs efficiently, while providing compassionate care.

Outside the scope of her professional role, Mandy is a proud mother to five grown children. Her personal life is as rich and diverse as her professional one; she has a love for the great outdoors, embracing each opportunity to go fishing, hiking, camping, hunting, or to simply enjoy the tranquility of nature. These activities not only provide personal rejuvenation but also inform her practice with an appreciation for the environment's impact on health and well-being.

As Mandy transitions into her new position, both Prairie View Clinic and Kit Carson Clinic gain more than just a skilled practitioner; they gain an advocate for community health, a provider who understands the local culture and values, and a dedicated professional set to enhance the health delivery system within these two communities. Her enthusiasm for travel and spending quality time with family and friends translates into her work, where she fosters an environment of care that extends beyond medical needs, acknowledging the importance of a supportive community in achieving optimal health outcomes.

Mandy's commitment to the health of her patients and her comprehensive, patient-focused approach make her a valuable addition to the medical teams of Prairie View and Kit Carson Clinics. She looks forward to bringing her wealth of experience, compassionate care, and community-oriented vision to serve the residents of her hometown and its neighbors.