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Respiratory Therapy

Pulmonary Function Testing Lab with DLCO Testing

Our Pulmonary Function Testing Lab tests for conditions that affect the lungs and breathing. DLCO testing measures the ability of the lungs to transfer oxygen to the blood, and provide immediate diagnosis.

Individuals who may benefit from this testing include; post-COVID patients, chronic asthmatics, COPD and emphysema patients. We also provide testing for professions that are at risk for lung disorders.

Employee Fit Testing

We help our patients with asthma manage their symptoms and increase their quality of life. If you have asthma, we can help you live the life you want, with asthma.

Smoking/Tobacco Cessation

With our smoking cessation education, we can help you quit smoking. We can give you practical support and medications to help you stop smoking. For immediate assistance to help you or your family member stop smoking call 1-800 quit now (1-800-784-8669).

Invasive Ventilator Care

Ventilators help people breathe when they are struggling to do so on their own. We can use our ventilators to help you breathe while you need it and also wean you off as you improve, so you can breathe independently again.

Ventilators can be used in treating COVID-19. Find out about our other COVID-19 treatments.

Non-invasive Ventilation

Heated High Flow is used to treat moderate hypoxemia (low oxygen) in a patient who requires a higher dose of supplemental oxygen than can be provided with a traditional nasal cannula (nose piece).

CPAP is continuous positive airway pressure therapy and a common treatment for sleep apnea. A CPAP machine uses a hose connected to a mask or nose piece to deliver constant or steady air pressure to help you breathe.

BiPAP is bi-level positive airway pressure and also a common treatment for sleep apnea. Generally, the amount of pressure given is alternated depending on whether someone is breathing in or out.

Chest Physiotherapy

Chest physiotherapy helps aid in airway clearance. We offer Acapella and Vest therapy, which is also known as high frequency chest wall oscillation. These treatments help to clear and loosen thin mucus in the chest to prevent mucus buildup, which can lead to more severe lung problems.

Incentive Spirometry

An incentive spirometer is a handheld medical device used to help patients improve the functioning of their lungs. By training patients to take slow and deep breaths, this simplified spirometer facilitates lung expansion and strengthening.