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Dr. Edward Boudreau

Originally From: Hartford Connecticut
Languages Spoken: English
Medical School: Michigan State University
Years Practicing: 46

Prepare to be inspired as I introduce you to Dr. Ed Boudreau along with his thrilling journey as an Emergency Physician. Dr. Boudreau started his career as a Medical Corp Officer in the U.S. Army after completing his medical degree at Michigan State University; however, his passion was not just to be a doctor, but to improve emergency care as well.

Despite Emergency Medicine not being highly recognized at the time, Dr. Boudreau persisted and became one of the earliest Board-Certified Emergency Physicians. Throughout his vast career, Dr. Boudreau has practiced in diverse clinical settings from inner city hospitals, academic, to rural areas, where he dedicated his work to process improvement and coordinated care.

He believes that his inspiration came from his beautiful wife Susan, who was a Nurse Manager of the ICU when he was an intern. Dr. Boudreau highlights how Sue, coupled with her skilled group of critical care nurses, helped him to navigate the challenging days. Dr. Boudreau and Sue have been together for 43 joyful years. Together they have two beautiful children; Kristen, a psychologist, and Mike, a small business owner. What’s more, they also have two amazing grandsons; Brayden and Bradley, who are the sunshine of their lives.

Dr. Boudreau has an impressive list of accomplishments. He was one of the founding members of an Emergency Medicine practice in Westerville, Ohio, where he started with only four doctors and a secretary. Over the next twenty years, the group expanded to 60 providers and Dr. Boudreau served as the Chief Medical Officer for 15 of those years. In 2007, Dr. Boudreau retired from his group and hospital to join the company that trained him and his colleagues in process improvement tools; Lean and Six Sigma, at Mount Carmel Health System.

One of his principal interests was process improvement and he became an instructor in Lean and Six Sigma. Dr. Boudreau ran projects that saved multiple millions of dollars and increased revenue. Working for the consultancy, Lean Methods, Dr. Boudreau traveled extensively to various countries such as Canada, Taiwan, UK and South Africa, teaching the tools and leadership of change.

Dr. Ed Boudreau’s life, from his medical school days, through his military career and eventually his late career has been an inspiring journey dedicated to improving healthcare.