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Dr. Brian Miles


Brian Miles, Medical Doctor, has an interest in working with people in every stage of life to help them reach and maintain their health and wellness goals. An Indiana native, he attended the University of Indianapolis in 1981 obtaining his Bachelor of Arts in Biology.

Continuing his education, Dr. Miles attended Indiana University School of Medicine to receive his Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology in 1984. In 1991, Brian Miles became Dr. Brian Miles, receiving his Medical Doctorate from Indiana University School of Medicine. Dr. Miles completed his internship at St. Francis Family Medicine Residency Program in Beech Grove, Indiana. Continuing in the same program, Brian completed his residency in Beech Grove.

After completing his Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology education, Brian went on to become a Laboratory Instructor for the Indiana University Pathology Residency Program from 1984-1988. Concurrently, he was a Lecturer and Laboratory Instructor for the Medical Technology Program at Indiana University School of Medicine from 1985-1986. Finishing his time in the academic world of medicine, Brian was a part of the teaching staff for pediatric and adult inpatient medicine at St. Francis Family Medicine Residency Program from 1996-2011.

Outside of teaching and practicing medicine, Dr. Miles has also written several publications. These include publications on the evaluation of a commercial latex test for Clostridium difficile for reactivity with C. difficle and cross-reactions with other bacteria; as well as a publication on tunneled (“bridged”) left anterior descending coronary artery in a newborn without clinical or morphological evidence of myocardial ischemia.

Dr. Brian Miles is a very family-oriented man and that shines through in his medicine practices. When he is not at the hospital, you can find him outdoors bicycling, camping or backpacking. Nutritional and healthy cooking, as well as living a healthy lifestyle, are key stables for him.