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Volunteers Supporting A Good Cause

Prairie View Health Resources, Inc. is a great way to support your community’s local hospital. The foundation’s mission is to support the county hospital by raising funds for physician recruitment and retention, assist with buying specialized equipment, and grant writing. Our purpose is to help provide necessary and excellent healthcare for the people of Cheyenne County and the surrounding communities.

Fundraising is a key part of the foundation, as well as providing volunteer services for the community and the hospital. To date, the foundation has donated over $250,000 for physician recruitment, new equipment and grants.

Prairie View Health Resources Board Members

Margaret Oswald, President

Devin Dickey, Vice President

Darla Hansen, Secretary

Nickalas Hevner, Treasurer

Michael Jenkins, Publicity Director

Cindy Hoffman, Board Member

Denton Talbert, Board Member

Ryan Uhland, Board Member

Jessica Unruh, Board Member

If you would like more information about the foundation or if you would like to become a member, please contact Maggie Oswald.
Updated January, 2022

NEWS RELEASE – For immediate release – March 26, 2021

Colorado Cancer Coalition in Communities Launches in Cheyenne County

The Colorado Cancer Coalition is pleased to announce that Keefe Memorial Hospital (KMH) and Prairie View Health Resources (PVHR) in Cheyenne County have been selected as the 2021/2022 Colorado Cancer Coalition in Communities community of choice. The leadership and steering committee of the Colorado Cancer Coalition (CCC) selected Keefe Memorial Hospital in February of 2021, Cheyenne county was selected based on the current needs in the rural community.

Eastern Plains Healthcare Consortium

Keefe Memorial Health Service District is a proud member of the Eastern Plains Healthcare Consortium

EPHC is a collaboration of rural hospitals working together to provide excellent healthcare services for the rural communities on the Eastern Plains of Colorado and surrounding areas, while increasing the sustainability of its members.

Ambry Genetics

KMHSD has partnered with Ambry Genetic to offer genetic testing for hereditary cancer.

Please call Prairie View Clinic to learn more.